Shift It

Shift It 1.2

Manage open windows in Mac OS X


  • Great way to manage windows in OS X
  • Shifts windows instantly
  • Keyboard shortcuts


  • No way to setup mouse gestures

Very good

Shift It is a simple tool that adds 10 useful actions to control Mac OS X windows, usually static and limited in customization.

It's far more flexible and powerful than Exposé, allowing you to place windows on the left, top right, lower left, lower right, half left, half right, top, bottom, focused or maximized. There's no need to even touch the mouse either, Shift It enables all of these functions with keyboard shortcuts.

If you do want to use the mouse, Shift It is accessible directly from the Menu bar. You can also check for updates and access a limited number of preferences from the Menu Bar. It's shame you can't assign mouse actions to Shift It like in Exposé but its a minor drawback of a generally very handy tool.

Shift It is a powerful windows manager which makes managing your windows in OS X much easier.

Shift It


Shift It 1.2

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